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 The makers of Rap Snacks potato chips should have gotten me to represent their "Back at the Ranch Flavored Chips". Now, it’s not that I’m a master of the mike capable of laying down phat trax (although I probably could be if I tried; it seems like something which would be within my skill set.) It’s because without me, they instead went with the Universal recording artists known as Dirty. Now, these folks may be raptastic, but really, who wants a food product with the word "Dirty" on it in big letters. Can you see walking into the store and asking if they have those dirty chips? "No, but we have some smutty popcorn!"

Besides, I could have told them that it isn’t true that "Education is Knowledge". While the concepts are not unrelated, the difference between the process and the product is of import to educated people who have knowledge.



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