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Hi there-

As an avid comic fan and collector, I picked up the Licensable Bear™ comic just because the description described him so nicly and he looked rather "cute" (for a 31-year-old guy’s opinion). The book was actually really cool as well…will there be more or was that a one-shot?

I’ll probably be purchasing a shirt or two in the coming weeks…my compliments on a great little character!


Chris Pratl

Well, Chris, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re currently planning to release a second Licensable Bear™ comic for 2005. We hope the seven stories in the first issue will last you until then.

Nat Gertler is one clever bastich;
MISTER U.S. was his Winghead pastiche.
*This* book is his take on HELLO KITTY.
A simplified, blandified, real Void’s Bear
Whose Holy Grail is Market Share.
(But after that, not much *there* there.)
The seven tales here trend toward sameness
With a lead whose fame rests on his fameness.
A cute metaconcept, but after his one-shot
The need for the screed fades like a gunshot.
The depths of the shallow are plumbed with some skill
In this book of a Bear with a License to Shill.


Glad to see that we’ve inspired you to poetry. And maybe you won’t be glad to hear this, but Chris will be glad to hear that we are planning a second issue for 2005.

Mr. Bear,

Before I can consider engaging you as our company spokesbear, I would first need you to perform some due diligence on your website. Namely, you should first correct the broken image in your 2003 holiday card,, ( is 404) then correct the broken "letters" link at

Our company’s job #1 is quality and you can’t say ‘quality’ with shoddy webmanship. You also can’t say "Quality is job#1" without ripping off some vehicle manufacturer’s trademark, but we are in Canada.

Sincerely yours,

Callum M.


Congratulations, Callum, you passed the test!

In order to make sure that only the finest, most attentive licensees are given the mighty power of the Licensable Bear™ license, I hide just a few errors on this website. The potential licensee who is alert enough to catch such errors will obviously be one who will avoid errors in their own products, and thus avoid besmirching the Licensable Bear™ brand.

Rest assured that any "mistakes" you find on this site are placed there deliberately, just like the extra states that cartographers add to their maps so that they can tell when someone has copied their designs. No site that I am spokescritter for will ever have unintended flaws, but merely non-traditional design features.

I have (in my role of honorary webmaster) gotten rid of the errors you cite, but you can bet that I’m introducing new errors into the site for others to find!


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