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lip gloss


Just 4 Girls lip gloss
This discount kid lip gloss product may be good (or may not, I don’t gloss my lips, it doesn’t go with my trademarked look, so I cannot tell), but they should’ve licensed me (at which point, I would’ve tried the product, of course) instead of going with the spokescharacters they did.
Just 4 Girls lip gloss
After all, the spokesteam sounds so limited. Why just 4 girls? Why not five? Why not six? And even if they’re limited to 4 girls, they should put a positive spin on it! It should be “4 Girls – That’s a Lot!” or “4 Girls, Which Is As Good as Seven Boys!” or “A Full Girl Quartet!”
But even ignoring that, the spokesteam runs into a problem when you look at the rest of the package.
Just 4 Girls lip gloss
It’s not even four girls! It’s three girls! The licensee deserves a partial refund!



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