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Manufacturers like to fool you, to get you thinking a product is something without saying that it is, often because it isn’t. A product can be chocolaty, even choco-licious, without actually being chocolate. But when they try too hard to do this, it might only emphasize to the observant customer just what they aren’t saying. When something is chcolatesque, you’re not sure what it is, but you can be pretty sure what it ain’t.

The name Yogos sounds like “yogurt”, but it isn’t really. Then we’re told that it’s Yogurty-Coated. Not yogurt, merely yogurty. And then we’re told it’s Fruity. Not fruit, just fruity.
And then, finally we get to the core substance. It’s… Dots? Is a dot even a foodstuff?
If they just called it Licensable Bearâ„¢ Snacks, well, no one could dispute that.
(As for the flavor: Island Explosion? Is that supposed to be a good thing? Sounds deadly. And Yogos is also available in Crazy Berries. Me, I’m holding out for a Mad Cow flavor.)



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