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The Mister U.S. Conspiracy

If you thought Big Bang 8 from Image Comics was the end of the superhero character Mister U.S., then you were wrong! Mark Lewis and I (Nat Gertler) are making it our goal to try to get this inherently flexible character to appear in as many places and as many forms as possible. As an Internet news announcement noted: “We’re trying to get Mister U.S. appearing whenever and wherever possible, slowly embedding the character into the public consciousness, until the masses start demanding big-budget Mister U.S. product,” said Gertler. “We won’t, of course, provide such product. That would be selling out. Besides, our real goal is to create a mass disillusionment that will make it easier to achieve world conquest.”

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Comics appearances

The character has already appeared in :

  • Awakening Comics #2, where he has a cameo in mouse form.
  • Big Bang #8, featuring his origins.
  • Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival Guide, a textbook. That Mister U.S. guy shows up in some odd places, doesn’t he?
  • Buzzboy #2, a one-panel cameo establishes Mister U.S. as part of the book’s backstory.
  • Chesty Sanchez Super Special #1, in an ad/pin-up with Chesty.
  • Everwinds #4, which uses the Awakening version in a Hostess ad parody.
  • Licensable Bear™ #2, where he attends a licensing convention.
  • Licensable Bear™ #3, where he chats on the phone.
  • Licensable Bear™ #4, where he comes back from the dead, and does some other things while he was at it.
  • Many Happy Returns #1, where he chats with Licensable Bear™
  • Ultiman Giant-Sized Annual #1, where he appears in faux-Hostess ad. (This ad was reprinted in Wild About Comics #1 and is seen on the cover of the book Panel One.)
  • I Am Not A Superhero!, an online comics story focusing on Mister U.S.’s secret identity.
  • Web Cartoonist Choice Awards 2005, where Mister U.S. presented the award for best superhero/action comic.

Coming up:

  • The Licensable Bear™ Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun! reprints all his Licensable Bear™ appearances.

Other appearances are currently at the discussion stage. We will announce more soon!

Mouster U.S.

This is the only Mouster U.S. panel from Awakening Comics 2.

The character reappeared in a faux-Hostess ad in Everwinds 4!

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